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An Innovative Online Trade School

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ATA Benefits

Why Become An Alpha Tradesman?

Deeper Training

We have taken the complexities of the trades and simplified it by categorizing the trade into “Badges.” This approach allows you to learn the trade more systematically and to go deeper into your knowledge within each Badge.

Save Money

Traveling to a traditional trade school can be costly, especially when you consider the transportation, lodging, food, loss of revenue/wages, and time spent away from family.

Scale Without Limits

By incorporating our platform, you can learn on your time while working alongside experienced tradesmen to apply what you learn here. Train yourself or your whole team without missing work or wasting time.

ATA Courses

Trades That We Love

ATA Plumbing

Plumbing (2,479 Alpha Tradesmen)

Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s online trade school offers comprehensive, professional training for anyone looking to become a certified plumbing technician.

HVAC (Coming soon)

We are working hard in developing a comprehensive HVAC curriculum.

Electrical (Coming soon)

We are working hard in developing a comprehensive Electrical curriculum.

Pumping (Coming soon)

We are working hard in developing a comprehensive Pumping curriculum.

Roofing (Coming soon)

We are working hard in developing a comprehensive Roofing curriculum.

ATA Features

The Most Flexible Training Experience

Badge Curriculum

We have taken a unique approach to teaching each trade by clarifying it into job types or rather categories of the trade that we call “Badges.”

24/7 Access

By this being an online trade school that incorporates recorded lessons, you can learn on your own timing. You can also refer to the training as a reference while on a job.

Video Lessons

Students will learn each Badge by completing a series of lessons that get broken down into modules. The training is provided in video format.

Lesson Review Quizzes

After completing each lesson, students will be required to pass a quiz to ensure learning retention.

Badge Exams

After completing all of the lessons and quizzes within a Badge, a student must then pass the final exam that is compiled with numerous questions relating to the materials taught in that Badge.

Badge Certifications

After successfully completing all modules, lessons, quizzes, and the final exam, a student will then be awarded the Badge Certification. Each certification earned can be used to encourage employment and/or optimized dispatching.

Printable Task Sheets

Each Badge will have a list of tasks that should be conducted by the student to incorporate hands-on training alongside our online classroom training. These task sheets serve in allowing a qualified witness to sign off on the student’s accomplishments.

Mobile Access

Our online platform can be used on any device type, allowing you to access the materials whenever and wherever.

Reviews & Testimonials

What Our Alpha Tradesmen Say

ATA Client 2 Testimonial

"I'm able to scale my
Team because of ATA"


Todd K.

ATA Client 1 Testimonial

"No doubt!
This is the best deal!"


Daniel H.

ATA Client 3 Testimonial

"Easy to understand
with step by step process"


Jeff H.



Alpha Tradesmen Academy is designed to train students of all experience levels. Our online trade programs start by teaching the basics of the field in the Certified Service Technician course. Lessons in these courses will introduce even completely novice students to the theory, tools, materials, and methods they need to know to enter their respective trades. Likewise, more experienced students will also benefit from our programs, since they provide students with up-to-date information on modern practices, techniques, and equipment.

In the past, traditional trade schools forced students to arrange their schedules around attending classes and taking quizzes and tests. Since all of Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s resources are available online, students can watch video lessons and take assessments at their own time and pace. Our program works along with the hands-on experience students will gain while working as apprentices, so it is designed to be flexible with students’ working hours and personal lives. MOBILE FRIENDLY

Students gain access to Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s video lessons and assessments for a year upon enrolling in a course. This system allows students who have completed the course to rewatch the videos if they need a refresher course before embarking on a job. Our online lessons are available 24/7 on our mobile-friendly site, making it easy to watch the videos anytime.

Students of Alpha Tradesmen Academy are strongly encouraged to become apprentices with local companies to earn real-world experience in the field. Our program was made to work alongside the experience students will gain as apprentices. With our system, students will be able to work and earn wages as apprentices and train online on their own time.

The convenient badge system is unique to Alpha Tradesmen Academy. All of our online trade programs are divided into courses that cover a specific subject within the trade. After completing all of the video lessons, quizzes, and final exam in the course, students are awarded the corresponding badge. These badges help students, business owners, and coworkers easily understand the subjects in which students have or have not been trained.

Become An Alpha Tradesmen!