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An Innovative Online Trade School

Welcome to Alpha Tradesmen Academy! We are an online trade school dedicated to educating tradespeople of all experience levels. Our program combines online learning with real-world, hands-on training in the field. Since our resources are available 24/7, apprentices can train on their own time while working alongside more experienced technicians.

Quality Online Trade Programs

Are you looking to enter a trade school but do not have the time to leave your job and home to attend classes? Do you have family duties or other responsibilities that would make it impossible to dedicate the time or money to a brick-and-mortar trade school? Do you own a business and need new technicians, but cannot seem to find ones with the proper level of training? Have you decided to train your technicians but cannot afford to lose staff-hours and finances while the technicians are away attending classes? Maybe you want to ensure your technicians are professionally trained. Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers a solution to all these issues and more.

Online Technical Education for Students and Businesses

Aspiring tradespeople and business owners alike can benefit from our groundbreaking program. Recent trends are showing that fewer young people are entering trade schools, even as these jobs open up as the older generations reach retirement age. Business owners are now facing the challenge of replacing the retiring technicians. There are plenty willing to enter the trades, but simply do not have the time, money, or other resources needed for trade school. Many trade schools require students to travel far from home and are costly. All the while, the students are losing significant amounts of time that can be spent at work earning money.  

 Likewise, owners of trade businesses could send these students to receive their education, but that shifts a sizeable financial burden onto their company. Furthermore, these companies are losing employees for extended periods. Instead of answering calls, technicians are attending classes as business owners continue to lose money and staff-hours waiting on them to finish their training. Sure, many less professional companies may hire people with little or no formal training. However, untrained or improperly trained technicians can lead to faulty work, which can ruin a company’s reputation, waste vast amounts of money, and even pose health and safety risks. Companies, technicians, and especially clients deserve better. 

Online Training for Tomorrow’s Trade Industries

Surely, there must be a way to help bridge this gap between potential tradespeople and trade companies. Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers online-based resources to remove the hassle and financial burden of going to traditional trade schools. Since the lessons are online, Alpha Tradesmen Academy allows apprentices to continue working and earning money for their employers and their families. An added benefit of our online program is that our students can pull up lessons while in the field if they need a refresher before performing a job. For instance, a recent graduate of Alpha Tradesmen Academy is out on a call to replace an uncommon kind of pipe and are unsure of the proper method. They can easily use a smartphone or tablet to access their account on the site and re-watch a lesson to refresh their memory. Our badges and lessons system makes it simple to find the appropriate video as well. This method can potentially turn some of their biggest challenges into open-book tests! 

Business owners should note that Alpha Tradesmen Academy can double your workforce in as little sixmonths. How? If each of a company’s technicians is paired with an apprentice during calls, the apprentices pick up hands-on experience while taking our online courses. In as little as six months, these apprentices could be ready to answer calls on their own. Imagine what your company could achieve with twice the number of technicians fully prepared to perform jobs!

How Our Online Program Works

Our learning program is divided into a series of badges, each one covering a particular facet of a trade. For example, our plumbing course features an initial core badge that focuses on the basic ins and outs of the business. This course is followed by others covering more narrow topics such as inspections, drain cleaning, leak source diagnostic, and more. Each badge is further divided into lessons containing one or more informational videos with an instructor. At the bottom of each lesson page is a quiz with three or more questions based on information from the videos. All of the quiz questions must be answered correctly for students to progress to the next lesson. However, students are allowed to go back and change their answers after submitting them until they are correct. After all of the lesson sections in the badge are completed, students will have a final exam. This exam is cumulative, meaning it will ask questions based on all the topics discussed in the course. As with the quizzes, students will have to get 100% of the exam correct to finish the course. Just like the quizzes, students may go back and fix any incorrect answers. Why do we do this? So students can learn from their mistakes on the test instead of forcing them to acquire this knowledge “the hard way” out in the field.

How to Enroll

Signing up is simple and takes only a few minutes. Once the students enter the information and payment is processed, new enrollees should expect a confirmation email with a password to access the Alpha Tradesmen Academy site. (Please note that it may take a brief time before the email is received.) Once students have received the password, they are ready to begin their training at Alpha Tradesmen Academy. 

Still unsure about signing up yourself or your apprentices for Alpha Tradesmen Academy? We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on our program. If at any point during the first 30 days, you are unsatisfied with Alpha Tradesmen Academy, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. 

Check out our review section for testimonials from real Alpha Tradesmen Academy students, as well as business owners who have put us to work for their companies. Students have used Alpha Tradesmen Academy to grow from completely inexperienced apprentices to certified plumbing service technicians. Likewise, business owners have described our program as a “game-changer” and have been able to grow their businesses in ways they never could before. 

In summary, Alpha Tradesmen Academy is an online trade school program that utilizes real-world, hands-on experience to train apprentices of all levels of experience formally and professionally. With our 24/7 access, apprentices can train on their own time and at their own pace. This system benefits the apprentices as well as the employers by allowing apprentices to continue working. Dollar for dollar, Alpha Tradesmen Academy provides the best overall value for providing technicians with the training they need. It ensures the technicians work in the most professional manner possible. Alpha Tradesmen Academy strives to improve the futures of the employees, businesses, clients, and the plumbing trades alike.


We have used our proprietary methods to teach the plumbing trade by breaking it into badges and emphasizing on each subject.

And More!

(Coming Soon)

We will be introducing more courses on various other trades. e.g. HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, and more!

Why Choose us?

What Sets ATA Apart from Other Trade Schools

Here at Alpha Tradesmen Academy, we know there are a vast amount of options for trade schools, both traditional and online. What sets Alpha Tradesmen Academy apart? No other program offers what we offer at such a high value for both individuals and employers. Among the many benefits our program are:

24/7 Online

Train On Their Own Time


In-depth quizzes
and exams

Task Sheets


Alpha Tradesmen Academy is designed to train students of all experience levels. Our online trade programs start by teaching the basics of the field in the Certified Service Technician course. Lessons in these courses will introduce even completely novice students to the theory, tools, materials, and methods they need to know to enter their respective trades. Likewise, more experienced students will also benefit from our programs, since they provide students with up-to-date information on modern practices, techniques, and equipment.

In the past, traditional trade schools forced students to arrange their schedules around attending classes and taking quizzes and tests. Since all of Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s resources are available online, students can watch video lessons and take assessments at their own time and pace. Our program works along with the hands-on experience students will gain while working as apprentices, so it is designed to be flexible with students’ working hours and personal lives. MOBILE FRIENDLY

Students gain access to Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s video lessons and assessments for a year upon enrolling in a course. This system allows students who have completed the course to rewatch the videos if they need a refresher course before embarking on a job. Our online lessons are available 24/7 on our mobile-friendly site, making it easy to watch the videos anytime.

Students of Alpha Tradesmen Academy are strongly encouraged to become apprentices with local companies to earn real-world experience in the field. Our program was made to work alongside the experience students will gain as apprentices. With our system, students will be able to work and earn wages as apprentices and train online on their own time.

The convenient badge system is unique to Alpha Tradesmen Academy. All of our online trade programs are divided into courses that cover a specific subject within the trade. After completing all of the video lessons, quizzes, and final exam in the course, students are awarded the corresponding badge. These badges help students, business owners, and coworkers easily understand the subjects in which students have or have not been trained.

At the end of the day, company owners are left with three options: leave technicians untrained and inexperienced, send technicians to costly, inconvenient traditional trade schools, or utilize Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s ground-breaking online program. With our 30-day guarantee and limited time offer of two free bonus badges, employers have nothing to lose and plenty of benefits to gain!

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