Top 5 Misconceptions of Plumbers

Top 5 Misconceptions Of Plumbers Debunked

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Common Misconceptions About Plumbing Career Debunked

Many prospective plumbers have been hindered by the misconceptions or myths surrounding the plumbing industry. Wanting to become a plumber is a wise decision; thus, you should find as many details as possible before venturing into the trade and commencing your plumbing training. Unfortunately, not everything you hear about plumbing careers out there is true, and some things are just myths or stereotypes that distract you from pursuing your dream career. Alpha Tradesmen Academy dispels some of the most common misconceptions about the plumbing industry below to assist you in obtaining a clear overview of the plumbing industry and what you can do to become a successful plumber.


Misconception #1: Too Many Plumbers Are In The Field Already

If anyone is trying to convince you that the market is already oversaturated with plumbers, know that this is a false statement. The job market for plumbing contractors is plentiful! With more baby boomers retiring and young students attending college, countless plumbing opportunities are available. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of pipefitting and plumbing jobs available is forecasted to rise 16% by 2026. So, if you want to change careers, maybe plumbing is a good option.

Plumbers are in high demand today because those baby boomers will soon be retiring, and many young adults are selecting office jobs more than the trades. This creates a massive gap for people who want to venture into the plumbing career. Furthermore, plumbers can be compared to doctors, who are always in high demand. As long as people need water to live, there will always be a market for plumbing contractors.

Misconception #2: Plumbers Are Paid Peanuts

Some people are discouraged from getting into plumbing because they are worried about the salary. But you don’t need to worry. Many plumbers earn an excellent income to support their families and themselves. As you gain experience and learn in the field, you will be reimbursed highly and enjoy other incredible benefits. And, best of all, becoming a plumber allows you to work anywhere anytime you want. You are never restricted to a particular geographical area or tied to one plumbing company. Regardless of the city you relocate to, you will find plumbing jobs with a steady paycheck.

Misconception #3: Plumbing Is a Simple Job

A myth is spreading out there saying that plumbing contractors are unprofessional and uneducated and that becoming a licensed plumber is much easier than securing an office job. But to become a professionally licensed master plumber, you must pass through several years of rigorous hands-on training and in-class instruction. There is muchly involved other than fixing or connecting pipes and they must understand the in-s and out-s of water lines, fixtures, and vents and know how to repair and install them. Plumbers also use analytical and mathematical skills to navigate blueprints, building codes, regulations, and schematics.

Besides, journeymen who climb up the ladder to become master plumbers need excellent communication skills and business acumen. Generally, these journeymen eventually find themselves in a leadership role. As you can tell, becoming a successful plumber takes lots of effort and time, just like it is to venture into any other skilled trade.

Misconception #4: Plumbing Is Not a Rewarding Career

Every job has its fair share of challenges, and plumbing is no exception. But many plumbers love what they do and find their jobs sufficiently rewarding. If you have never interviewed a plumber about their job and why they love it, you should. They will tell you there is no satisfying feeling other than solving a complex problem and helping people, mainly when emergencies arise. Also, they will narrate how they use their hands and how each day brings unique challenges.


From installing a new water pipe today to fixing an old fitting next, the job constantly changes and keeps plumbers thinking each passing day. Not to mention, the skills you obtain in a plumbing trade school are the ones you will use to maintain commercial or residential properties over the years.

Misconception #5: Plumbing Work Is Tedious

Would you rather sit down all day behind a computer or go out to help people solve complex problems? As any contractor will tell you, the job is anything but boring. Plumbing jobs will move you around to new locations and constantly interact with new people. You will also be confronted by various plumbing jobs, from residential, commercial, and municipal.

As the demand for eco-friendly solutions increases, plumbing jobs will get more exciting. People are searching to safeguard the environment using solar water heating, tankless water heaters, and other critical plumbing systems. If you venture into the plumbing industry now, you get a chance to learn emerging new technology.


Misconception #6: Online Plumbing Training Isn’t Reliable

Have you ever considered online lessons for your plumbing training? Like most skilled trades nowadays, plumbing training can be offered online. This is an excellent option since it gives you the freedom to study at your pace and from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, most think skilled trades like plumbing cannot be learned online. That’s why you must research carefully to find a school that offers a great online plumbing program. But what comprises an excellent plumbing program? It gives the best practical, theoretical education, resources, and hands-on skills you require to venture into the market upon completion successfully.

What Next?

Are you ready to make that leap and begin your plumbing training? Register for an online plumbing training program at the Alpha Tradesmen Academy. It is a complete online plumbing course covering everything you need to know in less than seven months. Besides our online lessons, there is also a beneficial component in that you get a real-world experience from a master plumber.


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