Reasons to Become a Plumber

11 Reasons To Become a Plumber

Reasons To Become A Plumber

Why Would You Want To Become a Plumber?

Are you looking for a career that enables you to work independently and manage your time? You may be interested in becoming a plumber. Plumbers are qualified to install, maintain, and repair all types of pipes used to install plumbing systems. With their knowledge of how water pressure works, plumbers can determine what pipes and fixtures a building require to run efficiently.

As you might have heard, there is a shortage of skilled plumbers throughout the United States. So, if you are reading this post, it’s safe to conclude that you are interested in pursuing a plumbing career. Maybe you are a DIY plumbing enthusiast, aspiring plumber, or curious. This post will explore why you should consider plumbing one of your best career options.

Top 11 Reasons To Become a Plumber In 2021 & Beyond.

1. Advancement Opportunities

Plumbing is a highly regulated trade that offers the possibility of advancement. You can opt to work up to the master plumber level if you have the aptitude to do so. Professional master plumbers can set up their businesses, particularly if they have honed their craft and acquired sufficient experience on the job. 

2.  Job Stability

Just like doctors, the demand for plumbers will never completely disappear. Becoming a plumber provides you with a certain level of job security; a professional plumber can always get jobs, and their tasks cannot be outsourced.

3. Excellent Earning Potential

Plumbers make good money than most people out there tend to think. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, plumbers can earn upwards of $50000 annually. So, this is an attractive prospect if you are considering your next career move.

4. Social Interaction

As a plumber, you must address clients’ problems in their businesses or private homes. Thus, being professional and friendly can also help plumbers develop lasting business relationships, which can prove helpful when they need referrals or recommendations for future work. 

5. Less Student Loan Debt

Most jobs that pay over $500000 annually require that you complete a four-year college degree, thus causing debt accumulation after graduation. But becoming a plumber doesn’t require a four-year college education. You can start an online plumbing course or go to a vocational school to learn the fundamentals and then begin a paid internship to pursue your education. This allows you to acquire the required plumbing training without mortgaging your futures with student loan debt.

6. Independence

Plumbers are restricted to working for one company, and they can opt to start their businesses, take on various jobs, and outsource their services to different companies. This gives them the flexibility to manage their time while still making money.

7. Personal Benefits

You can often work with your hands and get dirty as a professional plumber. Developing solutions, analyzing problems, and running day-to-day operations will keep your mind sharp and the physical requirements to keep your body healthy and active.

8. Job Variety

Becoming a plumber is an excellent alternative for people who can’t see themselves doing the same job, in the same place, every day of their lives. As a plumber, you can work in almost all kinds of industries. You can get a job designing plumbing systems for new homes, developing new plumbing technologies, or repairing municipal water systems.

9. Job Satisfaction

Working independently and seeing the fruits of your labor daily can be very rewarding, especially when interacting with different people and helping them. Plumbers help to save lives. Without an efficient plumbing system to get rid of wastewater and deliver clean water, all people could be at the risk of contracting severe ailments.

10. No More Plumbing Bills

Once you acquire crucial skills, you won’t have to pay someone else for minor plumbing repairs. This is the less vital part of becoming a plumber, but hey, if you are still on the fence, this may assist you in making up your mind!

11. Respect

A homeowner struggling with a nasty plumbing problem will be seen as a hero. Becoming a professional plumber implies that you will be helping people daily and earn tremendous respect from property owners and the whole community.

If you graduated recently and are still on the fence about what career you want to pursue, you should consider becoming a professional plumber. The same holds if you aren’t satisfied with your current job and are searching for something else. Our online plumbing courses can help you get started when you want to become a plumber.



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