Online Plumbing Training Vs. Plumbing School: Which Is The Best Route To Becoming A Plumber?

If you are figuring out getting into a plumbing career, you have already made a crucial decision to pursue a skilled trade. But you have another essential option to make: attend a conventional plumbing school or online plumbing training courses. Nowadays, most students prefer online plumbing courses, and for good reasons. Taking plumbing training classes online is sometimes affordable and convenient. Still, before you make that crucial choice, you need to know essential things about learning plumbing online versus in a traditional plumbing school.

What To Expect From Online Plumbing Training? 

Your other option for attending a plumbing trade school is to register for an online plumbing training course. With the current advancements in technology, the learning plumbing online trend has been growing. From an apprentice, journeyman to advanced plumbing programs, there are lots of online plumber courses available to people of all experience levels. Some of the benefits of going for online plumber programs include:

  1. Enjoy greater convenience and flexibility: There is no doubt that an online plumbing course gives you a lot of flexibility. You can decide when to read, study and even take examinations.
  2. Grades and records easily availed online: Online plumbing courses typically help you get results conveniently and quickly.
  3. Accessibility: Don’t reside near conventional plumbing school campus? Don’t fret. One advantage of online plumber training is that it makes courses more accessible to all.
  4. Online plumbing training is a cost-effective option for those who have the time and patience to learn on their own
  5. A plumber’s license can be obtained through online courses with no classroom attendance required
  6. It takes about four months to complete an online course, so it may not be a good idea if you are looking for quick results

Online plumbing training might be convenient, flexible, and accessible, but there are a few misconceptions about learning plumbing skills online. Some of these myths include; online classes can be tedious; you may require additional training and intrinsic motivation to get started. 

What To Expect From A Plumbing School?

A plumbing school is expensive when compared to an online program. Despite the price difference, both options are similar in what you will learn and the skills you develop.

Students pay for both programs, but different reasons. A student must pay tuition fees at a trade school, while an online course allows them to take it at almost half the price of a trade school.

The basics are taught in both programs, including safety procedures and equipment used for this trade. Then students learn how to do different plumbing projects, depending on the trade school they choose. In an online plumbing training program, students get to use that information to create their own projects from home. They then can submit them for review by a certified expert. In some cases, the work is graded, and if these students pass, they will be given their certification.

Online Plumbing Training Vs. Plumbing School: Which Option Is Best For Your Needs?

A common question in plumbing is whether to attend a plumbing school or take online plumbing courses instead. You need to consider several factors before you determine which training option is suitable for your needs. 

The first reason is money; online training courses are much less expensive than the full-time plumbing program at a vocational school, so you can get started making money faster. Another essential factor to consider is the time commitment. A four-year course involves 40 hours per week of classes, while online programs involve only 2- or 3-hour sessions, depending on how much study time you devote to the material.

Most online plumbing training programs are offered through vocational training facilities or plumbing certifications granting institutions, like the Alpha Tradesmen Academy. Some of these courses are even recognized by local apprenticeship programs, which can help you find work after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Learn Plumbing Skills Online Right From Your Home

Yes, online plumbing courses from the Alpha Tradesmen Academy offer unique opportunities to learn the trade. Besides, our training programs are affordable, convenient, and accessible.

Am I Too Old To Train As A Plumber?

So, if you have been thinking about switching your career and want to become a plumber, as long as you are in perfect health, don’t let your age distract you. You can become a plumber at any age!

What Is The Highest Achievement For Plumbers?

The highest title a plumber can attain is the master’s level status or a licensed plumbing contractor. This level requires years of journeyman experience and taking some additional certifications or examinations.

What Are The Main Stages Of Becoming A Master Plumber?

You need to pass through three significant steps before becoming a master plumber, including an apprentice, journeyman, and after gaining years of experience to become a master plumber.

At the Alpha Tradesmen Academy, you can learn plumbing skills to prepare you for entry-level jobs, apprentice, and pass licensing examinations. If you are ready to learn more about our online plumbing training program, request a free demo today.











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