Intro to Water Heaters

Intro to Water Heaters

Introduction to water heaters course will generally let you learn about the parts, structure, the function of electric, gas, and tankless water heaters. You will further learn about the types of water heaters and the anatomy of each including the proper way of maintaining them.


Our Online Plumbing Course will tackle water, gas, and vent piping and the different water heater components. This curriculum gives special attention to controls, the sequence of operation, safety protocols, and devices. It also provides special illustrations to enable beginner learners and experienced technicians to have an excellent learning experience throughout the entire course.  


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Basic Tools for Plumbing

In plumbing, there are many different tools needed so that the job will be executed correctly. The basic tools commonly used in plumbing will be covered in this course, as well as their definitions and functions. Different types of devices are used in various fields. The whole online plumbing course will tackle the different categories giving details on the applications and explaining safety practices. 


Caulking and Sealing 

Caulking and sealing tools are also essential in any craft if you want it neat and professional looking. It also makes two materials last longer. Caulking is used in various applications such as windows, doors, and bathroom or kitchen fixtures. In this course, you will learn about the different ways of caulking their uses, the appropriate tools to be used, proper execution, and application. 


You Will Also Learn The Following:

  • Proper selection of caulk depending on its application
  • The appropriate tools to use in preparing caulks and sealants and the application
  • The proper tools to use in removing caulk
  • Different methods of caulk application 
  • And more 

Online Plumbing Course by ATAOverview of Plumbing Materials 

Pipes are important in bringing water and gas into your buildings or homes as well as in sewage and waste disposal. In order for the technicians to understand what type of work should be done, it is vital to determine the classification of pipes that your building has. This should be done because different pipe materials have various fittings and require different application methods. The learners will also learn about potable water piping, sanitary drainage, and fuel gas piping.   


Everyone is Welcome To Learn

No matter your level of experience, you are welcome to benefit from our online lessons that discuss basic and advanced pieces of training. At the end of every lesson, you can expect a short quiz that you need to pass with a perfect score before you can proceed to the next lesson. This is done to ensure that all learners have mastered all the teachings required. At the end of the course, all students – beginners and experienced technicians- will be asked to take a comprehensive examination based on the course that they have taken. Like all other post-lecture quizzes, it should be passed with a perfect score to finish the entire online plumbing course

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