How to Get Into Plumbing with No Experience

How To Get Into Plumbing With No Experience

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Most people wrongly believe they need a college degree for a lucrative, stable career. A college degree is a key to success for most teachers, future bosses, and parents. 

A doctorate or master’s degree is even preferable. For certain professions, college degrees are needed-even for entry-level jobs. Yet, a college degree isn’t needed to make a decent income as a plumber. 

A plumbing career provides the same or more benefits as a white-collar job without the cost of high student loan debt. The opportunities are endless, from installing water heaters and unclogging drainage systems to septic systems.

Why Should You Consider Getting into Plumbing With No Experience?

 Like any skilled trade, plumbing is a great career to get into. Be sure of this; you will never get bored as a plumber. This is because you will work at different construction sites rather than sitting at your desk all day, performing various tasks. Each day is unique in the plumbing industry! Plus, plumbing has excellent job security because people will always need plumbing services. Here’s why you should consider getting into plumbing with no prior experience: 

  • You Gain Experience Instantly

Plumbing should be your go-to career if you are good at learning in class and prefer learning on the job. Plumbing can help you get into the “real world” and boost your resume with experience instead of a college degree. 

In plumbing, apprentices start to work on projects instantly and get a certification. 

You don’t have to compete for unpaid internships, and they will already be on the floor learning from experienced plumbers.

  • A Huge Demand For Licensed Plumber Exists

With old skilled tradespeople retiring, a considerable opportunity awaits generation Z and millennials to get jobs in plumbing. Apart from the great job openings, there will always be a huge demand for plumbers. Because plumbers are always in demand, ample opportunities and excellent job security are available.

  • It takes Half The Time To Train As A Plumber

While four-year college students are still in school, plumbing students will have graduated and made some money after about two years.

Getting a college degree isn’t bad, but it isn’t meant for everyone. A plumbing career can give you valuable practical skills, have less student loan debt, and earn an education and experience. Plus, plumbers are always in huge demand.

Get Plumbing Training From Alpha Tradesmen Academy

If you are ready to enter the plumbing field but don’t know where to start, consider taking our online plumbing courses at Alpha Tradesmen Academy. Our online plumber courses can help students of all levels, including complete newbies. Our certified service technician certificate introduces you to the fundamentals of the plumbing trade. 

Once you pass this certified service technician course, they can expand their skill set and training with more badges, covering more specialized subjects like leak source diagnostic, inspections, etc. 

And because lessons will be offered online, you can access them anywhere, anytime from any internet-connected device, right from your home. Thus, you can work as an apprentice full-time while learning a plumbing course online on weekends or at night. 

In closing, plumbing takes great training and skill to get into this rewarding career. However, getting into a plumbing career with little experience is possible, and our online plumbing courses are here to assist you each step of the way.

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