How much does plumbing school cost

How Much Does Plumbing School Cost

Online Plumbing Courses

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Successful Plumber?

Plumbing is a great career option for practical-minded and independent people who want to get a skilled trade and become self-employed. But if you’re going to succeed in the plumbing business, you should have specific knowledge and education.

In most cases, plumbers are generally trained at community colleges, apprenticeships providing on-the-job training, and technical schools. For example, a one-year certificate program will equip learners to repair and install various plumbing systems. On the flip side, a two-year associate plumbing degree will prepare students to do pipe fitting, pump design, and basic electricity installations.

Going to a traditional plumbing trade school can be an exciting experience. But it can be the most expensive option because the school has to offer the learning materials, facilities, and experienced tutors. In addition, you will have to cater for your accommodation, transport, and books, not to mention the hefty tuition fees. 

But how much would it cost to learn plumbing trade online? This post will explain why taking a plumbing course online is worth your money than going to a conventional trade school.

Trade School Vs. Online Plumbing Training Costs: Which One Is More Affordable?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in plumbing, you have already made a crucial decision of venturing into a rewarding skilled trade. But you have another decision to make; whether to join a conventional plumbing school with hands-on instructors or learn or take online plumbing certification programs and courses.

There are several factors to consider when choosing between going to a trade school or taking an online plumbing course. For example, for a plumbing school, you should consider how much you can afford, campus location, and prospects of finding a job after completing the course work. 

Plumbing school tuition costs vary from one institution to another and differ from state to state. For example, one plumbing trade school in California charges $14,675 and $31,928 for a 9-to-12-month course. Another college in Georgia offers a plumbing Systems and Service specialist certificate program ($1942 for a single semester) or a commercial/residential plumbing technician certificate program ($3200 for two semesters). Such costs aren’t inclusive of transport and accommodation.

There are many good reasons for going to a plumbing trade school, but its costs are not within reach for most aspiring plumbers. As the cliché goes, there are so many ways to skin a cat. Learning your plumbing trade online can be another flexible, convenient, and affordable way of pursuing your dream career.

Online Plumbing Training Cost Benefits

Gone are the days when you only had to apply for a plumbing trade school to learn the skills you wished to. Nowadays, with an improvement in technology, plumbing courses can be taken online. If you want to pursue a plumbing course, why would you frustrate yourself by going to a trade school if you can learn the same skill from the comfort of your home or office?

Now you can become a successful plumber without attending any physical class, as this profession is something you can achieve at your office or at home. There are numerous benefits of taking plumbing online classes including:

  • Offers the flexibility of learning at your own pace: beneficial for people with busy schedules
  • Ability to retrieve the information later in case you forget something crucial
  • Cost-effective: You won’t spend money on dressing up, accommodation, and travel
Where To Find  The Best Plumbing Courses Online

Alpha Tradesmen Academy provides online training for aspiring plumbers, regardless of their skill levels. It seeks to bridge the gap between the two kinds of trade schools while bringing apprentices and owners the best of two worlds. Our company offers 24/7 online access to learning materials that allow apprentices to further their training while gaining hands-on experience and earning money with their company. 

The cost of tuition is $250 for the initial Certified Plumbing Service Technician badge, which gives students a well-rounded introduction to the trade. Additional courses cover more specialized areas, such as drain cleaning and leak source diagnostics.

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