How Long Does Plumbing School Take

How Long Does Plumbing School Take?

How Long Does Plumbing School Take

Congratulations, you have finally decided to join an ever-competitive and rewarding trade.

Exciting and solid opportunities are ahead for aspiring plumbers; a career strategic plan is more crucial than ever. But how long does one take to go through the plumbing school curriculum and get a trades certificate? That’s a question we get from prospective plumbers. There are several options for launching your plumbing career, and selecting the right one depends on your personal goals. Without further ado, let’s explore the journey of how to become a successful plumber.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Plumber? 

If you have just earned a GED or completed high school, the duration you take to obtain a plumbing certificate can vary based on your chosen educational route. But it can take up to two years at a trade school to get a plumber training certificate. The advantages of going to a plumbing trade school include flexibility of where you only work after the training and complete control over your education. Meanwhile, apprenticeships can take two to five years, depending on the program.

Plumbing apprenticeship programs typically take longer than a trade school, but apprentices are paid during the training. Either way, both options will prepare you to perform your tasks properly as a plumber. Therefore, you should consider your passions when making your final decision.

How Long Does It Take To Attain Plumber Journeyman Status?

Most trade professions require a commitment to continuous learning and hard work. 

Since the plumbing industry is a $105 billion industry and is not an exemption in that experience, professionalism and education are crucial to succeed in this industry.

To get a journeyman plumber status, you should complete a 5-year training program. To become a successful journeyman plumber, you will require industry experience over your education. The industry experience requirements vary from state to state, but most states need an average of five years. Once you have this experience, you can register for the plumbing certification test.

Some people continue to pause their plumbing careers here; others opt to become master plumbers. So, the answer to the question “How long does plumbing school take?” Well, it depends on the path you want to take. Even if you remain at the journeyman level, you may embark on continuous education based on your state.

How Long Does It Take To Earn A Master Plumber Status?

 You cannot become a master plumber overnight. Like earning journeyman plumber status, the journey to attaining master plumber status varies by state. But if you seek to take supervisory roles and earn master plumber status, you may have increased responsibilities, like having your liability insurance. Since every state is unique, it is crucial to becoming familiar with the licensing requirements to do plumbing jobs in your locality. 

Online Courses Can Help You Become A Plumber Within Six Months

Most plumbing trade schools demand a lot of your energy, time, and money. This can frustrate business owners and aspiring plumbers, who could otherwise dedicate that time to making money, performing jobs, and getting industry-related experience. While some plumbing trade schools provide short courses, the lessons are less comprehensive than a conventional training program.

Although plumbing is a hands-on trade job, plumbing courses are sometimes provided online through vocational academies and community colleges. Online plumbing courses can be an excellent option for students who may not have the time or easy access to a trade school-based option. Several institutions offer online plumbing courses that allow aspiring plumbers to learn the same material as those participating in a trade school.

Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers aspiring plumbers comprehensive training through online quizzes, exams, and lessons that they can take from the comfort of their home or office. The academy is more beneficial than a traditional plumbing school because you can finish your plumbing course in less than six months from home. 

This means you can work in the field and gain hands-on experience while taking an online plumbing course at the Alpha Tradesmen Academy. Plumbing companies can benefit from this arrangement because they can keep their employees on the job while ensuring they obtain top-notch, professional training.

If you want to become a certified plumber but don’t have time or money to attend a traditional trade school, contact us to learn from the best plumbing instructors online.

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