What are the Plumbing Education Requirements?

what are the plumbing education requirements

Plumbing will always be an essential industry, no matter the season or decade. There are about 200,000 available plumbing positions in the US alone, and filling these posts is getting more difficult. It is a lucrative trade, and although not common knowledge, plumbing contractors are among the highest-paid contractors today. It’s not surprising why many […]

Learn Plumbing at your Pace – Plumbing career at home!

Learn Plumbing at your Pace - Plumbing career at home

Plumbing is dependent on several laws of nature – gravity and pressure. Water will move based on gravity and will go wherever it’s needed. This basic truth will help you in times of emergencies. You’d be able to do the minor repairs knowing that water will always go where gravity and pressure push it to […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Become a Plumber

Top Reasons Why You Should Become a Plumber

Superheroes don’t always wear capes. You may have heard that phrase so many times that you’ve come to memorize it. This phrase is also applicable to plumbing technicians since they are always on call, no matter the time and no matter the weather. They come in and save the day! Unfortunately, many people don’t see […]

The Guide to Getting your Plumbing License

The Guide to Getting your Plumbing License

Are you wondering how you can get a plumbing license today? In the United States, plumbers are closely regulated. Most states have their licensing requirements for journeymen and master plumbers. The exams to get a plumbing license also differs from one state to another. The plumbing industry offers a lucrative and long-lasting career. So, if […]

Where’s Plumbing Heading?

Where’s Plumbing Heading

Similar to other fields, plumbing is an ever-changing field that is expected to experience radical shifts in the coming years. Changing codes and environmental standards, an aging workforce, and the need to maintain and replace older plumbing systems are just a few factors that stand to drastically increase the demand for plumbers. Openings for plumbing, […]

How to Become a Better Plumber

How to Become a Better Plumber

So you have completed your required apprenticeship hours, completed a plumbing training program, and passed the exam to get a plumbing license. Congratulations! However, your training as a plumber has not ended. As with any skill, plumbers must grow their knowledge and training throughout their careers. Practices, codes, equipment, and materials are subject to changes […]

Where To Go To Learn Plumbing

Where to Go to Learn Plumbing

To become a professional plumber, you need both hands-on and classroom training. You can enroll in a plumbing course online, at a vocational school /community college, or pursue an apprenticeship program. Keep reading this post to know more about training options to become a successful plumber.   Where To Go To Learn Plumbing: 5 Steps […]

What You Need To Know Before Taking Online Classes

What You Need to Know Before Taking Online Classes

The benefits of taking online courses are countless. They provide additional flexibility for time-strapped students, particularly those struggling to balance family and work. Such courses attract tradespeople seeking career advancement and parents looking for ways of providing for their families. Some online programs even offer adequate control over the pace of learning. But if you […]

How Long Do I Have To Be An Apprentice Plumber?

How Long Do I Have to be an Apprentice Plumber

If plumbing is on your list of dream careers, it’s time you give it the extra consideration it deserves. Though plumbing as a career might not be the most glamorous option, the truth is that plumbers offer some incredible services. They don’t just install toilets but also appliances, attend to emergencies, and generally save lives. […]

Getting into the Plumbing Career

Getting into the Plumbing Career

Have you wondered how to get into plumbing school? Well, you’re not alone. There are many like you who are asking the same question. The path to your plumbing career isn’t that difficult.    While this job isn’t as decorated as others, there are still many opportunities that are waiting for you when you consider […]