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Alpha Tradesmen Academy offers online training for aspiring tradespeople of any level of experience. Our program differs from many online trade schools because it pairs online-based lessons with hands-on experience in the field to provide a well-rounded technical education. Our method allows and encourages apprentices to work alongside current, more experienced technicians. This way, the apprentices can earn money and experience while training on their own time with Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s 24/7 online access to lessons, quizzes, exams, and more. Business owners benefit from using our program as well. Our system means that apprentices can receive professional training without losing the working hours and dealing with the expenses of sending them to traditional trade schools. In as little as six months, employers can see their number of professionally trained technicians doubled with Alpha Tradesmen Academy’s groundbreaking online program.

Quality Online Trade Programs

 Since 2017, Alpha Tradesmen Academy has been offering high-quality, professional training to aspiring tradespeople of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. Founded by an Air Force veteran, Alpha Tradesmen Academy seeks to bring the same dedication to responsibility, hard work, and honor that the armed forces foster and cultivate. 

Our Mission Statement

Alpha Tradesmen Academy seeks to provide professional training to the next generation of tradespeople. Simply put, the lack of new entrants in the trade field and the retirement of older technicians have created a shortage of professionally trained tradespeople. To solve this issue, we have developed a system that utilizes online training with the kind of hands-on learning that only working in the field. We desire to not only educate our apprentices and help them and their employers financially. We also aim to instill a higher level of confidence that they have been given the tools to perform almost any job they are called to do.

Online Training is the Future

While the current situation in the trade industries has its issues, we at Alpha Tradesmen Academy see a bright future for employers and tradespeople alike. We seek to break down the barriers that many companies and future technicians are facing by making it easier than ever to receive professional, up-to-date training from experienced instructors. By eliminating the financial, time-related, and other obstacles, Alpha Tradesmen Academy sets out to reinvigorate the trade industries and improve the lives and careers of both trade business owners and their employees. Beginning with plumbing, we seek to expand our program to other trades, such as roofing, electrical, HVAC, and more in the future, to meet the diverse demands of the trade industries.

Meet Our Team

Alpha Tradesmen Academy is the product of an entire team’s work and dedication to providing the most value for our clients. Our instructors’ words come from their many years of experience in their respective fields. 

Lead instructor Robert Keith has over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He received his training through the United States Air Force at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. After four years as a plumber and pipefitter, Robert served seven years as an instructor for the Air Force Civilian Service. Afterward, he worked as a foreman for a large plumbing company in Bakersfield, CA, and later owned and operated a company in Lancaster, CA. Robert founded Knoxville Plumbing in Knoxville, TN, in 2004. He would go on to become the lead plumbing instructor for Alpha Tradesmen Academy. Robert owns a master plumbing license in the state of Tennessee and has previously held master plumbing licenses in California and South Carolina.


We have used our proprietary methods to teach the plumbing trade by breaking it into badges and emphasizing on each subject.

And More!

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We will be introducing more courses on various other trades. e.g. HVAC, Electrical, Roofing, and more!

Why Choose us?

What Sets ATA Apart from Other Trade Schools

Here at Alpha Tradesmen Academy, we know there are a vast amount of options for trade schools, both traditional and online. What sets Alpha Tradesmen Academy apart? No other program offers what we offer at such a high value for both individuals and employers. Among the many benefits our program are:

24/7 Online

Train On Their Own Time


In-depth quizzes
and exams

Task Sheets

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